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[CLOSED] Raffle (5600Points/CORE + Art GiveAway)

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 3, 2018, 6:21 AM
Do u know da wae

CSS Skin

Pink Closed by YuikoHeartless  Pink Closed by YuikoHeartless  Pink Closed by YuikoHeartless  Pink Closed by YuikoHeartless  Pink Closed by YuikoHeartless

 Prizes by YuikoHeartless
   Gold trophy First Prize                                 Silver Trophy Second Prize                                  Bronze Trophy Third Prize
- 1 Full Scene (Full body) drawn by me      - 1 Shaded detailed Full body drawn by me     - 2 Shaded sketched Full bodies drawn by me
- 4000Points  / 1 year of Core Logo (Blinking)                 - 1200Points  / 3 months of Core Logo (Blinking)                  - 400Points  / 1 month of Core Logo (Blinking) 
- You can offer prizes here.                      - You can offer prizes here.                             - You can offer prizes here.

 Pink Gallery by YuikoHeartless
Some examples of the art you can win if you're interested to enter !
Last Light by SkyminDeon It's Cloudy by SkyminDeon  Apple  Pilot ! Christmas Commish' w by SkyminDeon

Also for the art offered.. oh gosh!!
I wanted to put examples of their art here but the contributors are to many <33
So eyy ALL the prizes you can win are officially listed here : the Results of the Raffle ?

 Rules by YuikoHeartless
You just have to be active on DeviantArt (don't join if you're here once a month or less).
I'll check your activity, I'm sorry if you're not active enough..
For the new deviants (if you're on DeviantArt since approximately 3 months or less),
I can't really verify your activity, so uh.. Sorry too !

Sometimes, you'll have already made the things to have a ticket (like watch my side account).
That's not a problem, it sill counts ! You'll have the ticket anyway ^^
If you made something wrong (as failed to tag someone correctly),
you just won't have the ticket(s) that you should've had if you did it properly.

Above all, don't cheat (ex : if you said you made something to have a ticket and it's false),
and know that the duplicate accounts are absolutely prohibited.

Also please, respect the comment section, and read the featured comments !
If you're a bit lost, sort the comments like this (works only on computers I think) :
 Capture dcran 2018-02-04  16.57.03 by SkyminDeon
And REPLY here (or you will be disqualified) :
  not here, it's a picture idiot :'C by SkyminDeon
Cheaters and those who don't respect the rules will be automatically disqualified.
Yes, PUT THE TICKETS in your comment, or you will be DISQUALIFIED ! It's a lot of work for me to manage all this raffle,
so please be nice and respect that !
except if you have a problem (like you can't put the tickets on your comment 'cause you're on phone),
then let me know and write simply "ticket black, ticket [the color you want],.." etc, or something similar !

Subsequently I'll give you one or some number(s) (depends how many tickets you have), as a lottery !
  Enjoy 8)

Entries by YuikoHeartless

Entry Ticket :
The only mandatory ticket !
You have to watch me. Put Ticket Black in your comment if you did it.
New watchers are welcome, only if you don't unwatch me after Qv,Q
If you watch me just for the raffle.. That's probably the worst thing you can do !
It also means that you will not have the right to participate on my next raffles like this one uvu


Extra Tickets :
All these tickets are optional !
You can have the ones you want, no order

+1 Ticket if you add this journal to your favorites. Put Ticket Green in your comment if you did it.
+2 Tickets if you add all my Featured Deviations (here :…) to your favorites. Put Ticket Yellow in your comment if you did it.
+3 Tickets if you watch my side account :iconskaysaky:, and my Instagram (here : Put Ticket Purple in your comment if you did at least one of the two.
                If you watch only my side account, you'll have only +2 Tickets, and if you watch only my Instagram account, you'll have only +1 Ticket.
                Don't watch if it's just for the raffle and if you'll unwatch after tho. And don't forget to tell me the name of your Instagram account, then I'll can check if you watch me !
+4 Tickets if you share this journal on DeviantArt (pool, status, another journal, etc). Show me the link(s) and put Ticket Cyan in your comment.
                +2 Tickets too if you share elsewhere (Instagram, on a Discord group,..), but give me the link and/or a full screenshot (I see you cheaters ee).
                You'll can delete it, but ONLY after the end of the raffle.
+5 Tickets if you tag 5 friends (more or less, it's +1 Ticket per person tagged). Put Ticket Red in your comment if you do it, and tag this/these person(s) in it.
                It must be people who're not on the raffle yet, or who aren't already tagged preferably. Also, they must be active on DeviantArt !
                MAX = 12 persons tagged (+12 Tickets)


Offering Prizes (to the winners, not for me !) :
That's optional of course ! You can offer points AND art.
Specify in your comment what you want to do, and show me examples of the art you want offer if possible.
But please, keep your commitment, and if you're not sure you'll can offer, DON'T TAKE these tickets !

+1 Ticket for 100 offered points
              (ex : If you want to offer 400Points, you'll have +4 Tickets)
               MAX = 1200Points (+12 Tickets)

+1 Tickets for 1 Icon
+2 Tickets for 1 Headshot
+3 Tickets for 1 Half Body
+5 Tickets for 1 Full Body
+8 Tickets for 1 Full Scene (Full body + Background)
+10 Tickets for 1 Custom Page
+? Tickets for other art
MAX = +12 Tickets

 Deadline by YuikoHeartless 
Still to be determined. Maybe when I'll have 500 watchers !
EDIT : Maybe when I'll have 600 watchers ?? Oh gosh guys thank you so much hhh
EDIT : In May..

I wanted to make this raffle for such a long time ! I hope it'll be fun >w<
Thank you so much for +400 watchers ;v,;
You're awesome seriously.. I love you all so much, thanks for supporting me again and again <33
This raffle is made inter alia to thanking you at least a little bit.. There is 3 big winners, but I'll maybe make some other little prizes eve

And I'm sorry for the tickets system xD
It's maybe more complicated for you, but it's simpler for me that way <3

Winners will be chosen via :

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NightmareZoroark Featured By Owner Edited Apr 27, 2018  Hobbyist
accidentally submitted my entry here sorry i fixed it though
Miyeopta Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2018  Student
+~*F2U*~+ Pink Heart Pixel ENRTY +~*F2U*~+ Pink Heart Pixel  
Ikowaa Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
wsh tu vas faire un live pour le tirage au sort ? Sinon bonne chance pour les gens ovo , c'est trop compliqué pour moi ce truc et j'sais que je gagnerai pas //positive attitude//
SkyminDeon Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2018
maybe !! j’y ai pensé.. ce serait trop stylé huehue eve
merci pour la chance oof x))
(t’inquiète éve et puis who knows)
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